Jakarta Green Investment, a dashboard made to deliver Green Investment initiatives in Jakarta was initiated by the Department for Investment and Integrated One-Stop Services, Jakarta Capital City Government. This innovation was built to answer some of the obstacles that had existed between investment opportunities and the investors. On several occasions and investment forums, there were a lot of investors who had expressed their interest in green investment opportunities in Jakarta. Jakarta had also started compiling several studies on green investment opportunities but the demand and supply did not run smoothly. Communication between stakeholders had not run optimally. Some of the obstacles were related to data and information on green investment projects that had spread across several work units or companies; yet, there was no standard procedure that regulated the flow of conveying investment interest to green investment facilitation in Jakarta. Therefore, we are trying to create a simple system that can provide the data and information needed by investors so that they do not have to go through many doors when they want to ask about any opportunities. 

This initiative is also strengthened by the current global issue which attaches great importance to climate change issues. Jakarta is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia and also home to 11 million people. Jakarta is known for its rapid economic and population growth, contributing to 17% of the national economy. Jakarta has set a strong ambition to reduce 30% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission by 2030 and reach Net Zero Emission by 2050, 10 years ahead of the national target. We aim to transform into a climate resilient city, a more liveable and sustainable place for the people and generations to come. This dashboard lines up the low-carbon regional development plan program with efforts to increase green investment initiatives.

We hope that this program can run concurrently with producing more environmentally friendly urban development with increased investment performance by involving the private sector in various green investment opportunities in Jakarta. This is still a very small initiative; however, we are hopeful that in the future this dashboard can be further developed with a wider range of services.

There are 3 menus in the development of the Jakgreenvest dashboard, namely: Data and Information Menu, Matchmaking Menu and Knowledge Management System Menu.


The data and information menu presents data and information in relation to green investment opportunities and potential in Jakarta. This menu will provide a brief description of the profile of each project whether owned by the government, regional-owned enterprises, or privately owned. Data and information on this menu are dynamic, thus can be added if there is a request from the project owner to be displayed, or be taken out if the project already has investors.


The matchmaking menu is a channel that can be used both by investors who are interested in several projects presented on the data and information menu, as well as by project owners who want to promote their investment opportunities in this system. After the user expresses their interest, the Department for Investment and Integrated One-Stop Services will carry out facilitation and follow-up meetings until the investment is operational. In the future, it is hoped that this menu develop into a simpler menu as a green investment marketplace idea that makes it easier for investors to meet investment opportunities.

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The Knowledge Management System menu is initiated as a learning medium for all green investment stakeholders. Currently, the term green investment is still very rarely understood by the people of Jakarta. Only few people understand what and how this green investment works. Through this menu, it is hoped that submenus can be developed in the form of articles, journals, videos, audio, infographics, news and other forms that allow green investment to become more understandable to all parties. This menu will be continuously updated in line with the developments in technology and information. The general public and business stakeholders are permitted to submit materials relating to green investment to be published on Jakgreenvest.