JIC Talks - DKI Jakarta towards Food Security

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that food security is very important for the survival of people in a city or country. The global food logistics system is disrupted, where the distribution of foodstuffs originating from outside Indonesia to DKI Jakarta is experiencing obstacles due to the large number of food commodities that cannot enter DKI Jakarta due to a large number of land, air, and sea access which is closed. Therefore, in order to meet the food needs of the people of DKI Jakarta during the crisis, it is hoped that an effective and sustainable food supply chain system will exist. Previously, there was supply chain management, which was a food system that was integrated with one another, from the production system to the marketing system. This food supply chain system greatly facilitates monitoring in the field by business actors. Along with the development of food technology, this system also continues to experience improvements where it is hoped that the products produced can be stored and distributed in good condition and maintained so that it is known as the cold chain management system.


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