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Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Ir H Djuanda/ Jatiluhur II

Project Overview

SPAM Ir H Djuanda PPP Project is a creative effort of prospective proponents to contribute to achieve the target of Indonesia's piped drinking water supply. As the nation's capital and economic center with a large population, DKI Jakarta is required to continue to develop to meet the needs of its people. Therefore, SPAM Ir. H Djuanda development plan to provide drinking water for the daily needs of the community is one of the supporting developments as mandated in the DKI Jakarta Regional Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMD). With the implementation of SPAM Ir. H Djuanda Project, it is hoped that it will meet the supply of drinking water for the people in DKI Jakarta.

Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Ir H Djuanda/ Jatiluhur II was initiated by the MMPV Consortium. The initiative in this project is for all facilities, equipment, and infrastructure needed to be included in the entire scope of the Cooperation (“Source to Tap”), through Instalment-Based Contracts – Built Leasing Transfer/BLT, Performance-Based Contracts/PBC and New Connection Financing Contract. Integrated between Upstream and Downstream, the plan is to have 120,000 connections/new customers with an allocation of 2,054 liters per second of bulk water.

Investment Cost
IDR. 1,65 Trillion


Funding Scheme
Public Private Partnership - Unsolicited

South Jakarta, East Jakarta

Project PIC
Department of Water Resources

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