public private partnership

One of the purposes of using Public Private Partnership (PPP) is to create an investment climate that encourages the business entities to work together with the government to deliver various projects such as infrastructure projects with quality, effective, efficient, targeted and timely manners.

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Solicited, yaitu merupakan suatu proyek infrastruktur yang diprakarsai oleh pemerintah dan ditawarkan kepada Badan Usaha untuk dikerjasamakan;

the projects

Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Ir H Djuanda/ Jatiluhur II
Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Ir H Djuanda/ Jatiluhur II
SPAM Ir H Djuanda PPP Project is a creative effort of prospective proponents to contribute to achieve the target of Indonesia's piped drinking water supply. As the nation's capital and economic center with a large population, DKI Jakarta is required to continue to develop to meet the needs of its ...

Public Private Partnership - Unsolicited

infrastructure type

Petroleum, Gas & Renewable Energy
Telecommunications & Informatics
Energy Conservation – Public Street Lighting
Sports, Arts and Culture Facilities
Correctional Institution
Drinking water
Public Housing
Urban Facilities
Natural Resources & Irrigation
Waste management
Centralized Waste Management
Local Waste Management