Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) in Renewable Energy and Climate Summit Indonesia - The Netherlands

On October 12th 2023, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) participated in The Renewable Energy & Climate Summit Indonesia-Netherlands that took place at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan. The event was held by the Dutch government (RVO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in cooperation with the Indonesian government, investment partners, and trade organizations and offered an inspirational view of a sustainable future for Indonesia. It revolved around the collaboration between Indonesia and the Netherlands under the MoU of Energy Transition and aims to catalyze the renewable energy transition by connecting the Indonesian government, the Netherlands, Indonesian private sectors, and prominent investors.

As one of the strategic stakeholders in investment and development sectors in Indonesia, JIC delivered a presentation on the potential of renewable energy in Indonesia along with the profile of Jakarta in terms of investment and development. Acting as the representative of JIC, Mrs. Tona Hutauruk who serves as the Head of JIC provided the profile information of Jakarta from its demography indicator, economic growth, investment profile, to its relation with Netherlands. Mrs. Tona particularly highlighted the special position of Netherlands for Jakarta in which the Netherlands is the fourth-largest investment contributor in Jakarta and Netherlands is the second-biggest Indonesia’s trade partner from Europe. She also noted that Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands, and Jakarta have established Sister-City partnership since 1986 that signifies the close cultural and commercial ties of the two regions.