Investment realization in Jakarta reaches Rp28.42 trillion in Q3-2022 despite global economic slowdown

JAKARTA (15/11) - Jakarta’s investment realization reached Rp28.42 trillion in the third quarter of 2022, an increase of 18.8 percent equal to Rp4.5 trillion from Rp23.9 trillion from the same period in the previous year. This showed a positive response despite the economic slowdown that is occurring globally. 

As illustrated in the diagram above, the number consisted of domestic investment (PMDN) of Rp14.4 trillion and foreign direct investment (FDI) of Rp14 trillion. The former increased 0.4 percent equal to Rp58.1 billion year on year (yoy), whereas the latter rose 46.6 percent equal to Rp4.4 trillion in the same period. 

Transportation, warehouse and telecommunication; trade and reparation; service; residential, industrial and office area; and mining in no particular order became the top five biggest contributors of PMDN as well as PMA in quarter three of 2022.

Regarding PMDN, sectors that experienced a significant rise yoy in PMA were mining; construction; and trade and reparation. The mining sector surged 236.2 percent or Rp1.27 trillion. PT Saptaindra Sejati (PT Adaro Energy Tbk group) recorded the highest investment realization of Rp1.29 trillion in the third quarter of 2022. Next, the construction sector increased 236.2 percent or Rp1.27 trillion with PT Mitra Cipta Polasarana and PT Wijaya Karya Tbk as the biggest contributor with cumulatively Rp818.4 billion. In third place, the trade and reparation sector grew 69.6 percent equal to Rp958.5 billion compared to the same quarter in the previous year. PT Lautan Luas and PT Datascript recorded the largest investment cumulatively with Rp293 billion.

Slightly different from PMDN, three top sectors that showed highest growth yoy through PMA were  transportation, warehouse and telecommunication; service; and trade and reparation. The first sector increased 47.2 percent or Rp2.22 trillion with PT Telekomunikasi Selular as the biggest contributor with Rp414.8 billion. In the service sector, investment realization rose 75.5 percent or Rp738 billion. PT Affinity Health Indonesia and NTT Global Data Centers recorded the largest investment realization with Rp225.6 billion. Lastly, the trade and reparation sector soared 112.2 percent or Rp652.4 billion with PT Shell Indonesia and PT Vivo Energy Indonesia contributing the most with Rp436.96 billion.

In the period of January-September 2022, Jakarta became the second largest contributor nationally with 12.2 percent or Rp108.9 trillion after West Java with 14.4 percent or Rp128.4 trillion. South Jakarta became the main investment area with Rp53 trillion followed by Central Jakarta with Rp21 trillion. East Jakarta took the third place with Rp17.76 trillion. Moreover, North Jakarta, West Jakarta and Thousand Islands contributed Rp9.2 trillion, Rp7.1 trillion and Rp684 million consecutively.

This positive investment realization growth in Jakarta is expected to give a likely impact to economic activities among citizens in facing the global economic challenges ahead. Jakarta along with Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) warmly welcomed potential investment collaboration in the city onwards!


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