Jakarta & Singapore - Sustainable Business Matching

On 7th November 2023, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) held a special event to explore the potential investment cooperation between Singaporean companies, private parties, and Regional Owned Enterprises of Jakarta Special Territory. It was a follow-up event of the visitation request from Singapore Business Federation (SBF) on its Overseas Market Workshop Delegates’ Visit to Jakarta Investment Centre.

During the event, Mrs Tona Hutauruk who served as the head of JIC welcomed the delegations of SBF at the venue, JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta. Following the welcome, she presented the profile of Jakarta Special Territory after highlighting the positive records of Singapore in investment, business, and urban planning. She mentioned that Singapore was one of the strategic partners for Jakarta and Indonesia, especially in investment and development. She went on to say that Singapore had a variety of potential sources of funding that could be offered to Jakarta, which was thriving as one of the emerging economic hubs in Southeast Asia.