Courtesy Visit to China Embassy

Recently, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) chaired by Mrs. Kiki Yunita, Head of Investment Promotion held a meeting with the honorable presence of the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta, welcomed by Mr. Qin Wenchao and Ms. Yang Xiaowei from the Economic and Commercial division. The primary objectives of this introductory session were multi-faceted. Firstly, introducing JIC as the official Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) under the Jakarta Provincial Government as well as informing what JIC could provide to investors. Secondly, identifying key investment sectors in Jakarta that pique China's interest. Lastly, mapping the characteristics of Chinese investors and exploring its potential collaboration with Jakarta. The discussions ranged from Regional Owned Enterprise projects in Jakarta to the upcoming JIC Talks on the Economic Outlook of Jakarta in 2024.

The discussion spotlighted the concerns of Chinese investors, emphasizing the nuances of license management, permits, land acquisition, and clearance. It also focused on the challenges faced by the China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, particularly in facilitating B2G interactions due to limited communication channels.

JIC and the Embassy of China underscored the commitment to strengthen collaborative partnerships for the betterment of Jakarta.


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