Courtesy Meeting with Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC)

Fostering economic growth and investment opportunities in Jakarta, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) recently embarked on a promising outreach initiative with the Indonesia-Australia Business Council (IABC). This encounter reflects JIC's dedication to cultivating strategic alliances and expanding Jakarta's global reach.

The Indonesia-Australia Business Council serves as a vital bridge between entrepreneurs and business entities in Australia and Indonesia. While not an official representative of the Australian government, IABC got the unique distinction of having a member on its Board of Advisors who hails from the Australian Embassy, specifically the Head of Austrade or Minister Counsellor.

The meeting between JIC and IABC, represented by Mr. Arfadh Baparsyah, the Executive Director of Indonesia Australia Business Council, took place in the Jakarta Meeting Room at the Jakarta Public Service Mall on Monday, August 28, 2023.

The discussion yielded several exciting prospects for collaboration, particularly in the realm of investment promotion:

  1. Joint Investment Promotion Activities: One of the primary outcomes of this meeting is the potential partnership between JIC and IABC in executing investment promotion activities. The objective is to jointly promote projects under the jurisdiction of DKI Jakarta to prospective Australian investors. This collaboration holds the promise of attracting valuable investments to Jakarta's burgeoning business landscape.
  2. Indonesia Australia Business Conference 2023: Building on this momentum, IABC extended an invitation to the Government of DKI Jakarta to collaborate on the Indonesia Australia Business Conference 2023. This significant event is scheduled to take place in Jakarta from November 7th to 9th, 2023. IABC's aspiration is for the Jakarta Provincial Government to actively participate in this conference, thereby strengthening ties between Jakarta and Australia. Furthermore, it presents a unique opportunity to bolster the Sister City relationship between Jakarta and New South Wales, Australia.

The outcomes of this outreach initiative are poised to be transformative for Jakarta:

  • Investment Inflows: Collaborating with IABC opens doors to a wealth of opportunities, potentially attracting Australian investors who recognize Jakarta's immense growth potential.
  • Global Visibility: Participation in the Indonesia Australia Business Conference 2023 not only amplifies Jakarta's international presence but also solidifies its partnership with Australia, a key player in the global economy.
  • Sister City Bonds: The strengthening of the Sister City relationship between Jakarta and New South Wales is a testament to the power of international collaboration, fostering cultural exchange and economic growth.

JIC's outreach efforts with the Indonesia-Australia Business Council signify a pivotal moment in Jakarta's mission for economic development and global recognition. By working together, these organizations are paving the way for increased investments, heightened visibility, and deeper international connections.