Potential Collaboration with Samsung Engineering

As an Investment Promotion Agency, Jakarta Investment Centre has a notable role in promoting and facilitating investments, both foreign and local. Our responsibilities include providing information, fostering coordination and networks among investors, and constantly seeking out new investment opportunities.

On March 6th, 2024, Jakarta Investment Centre assisted Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd. to develop a partnership with relevant policymakers from Jakarta Provincial Government, namely the Regional Development Planning Board (BAPPEDA) and the Department for Waterworks (DSDA), which could be one of the initiation opportunities for collaboration, particularly in environmental sustainability.

Samsung Engineering, a global leader in EPC services, is now stepping forward to extend its expertise in environmental solutions, proposing an innovative underground waste water treatment plant model. Inspired by their success in Yongin, South Korea, this project promises to minimize urban pollution and enhance the quality of life for Jakarta's citizens through a pioneering integrated eco-treatment complex. 

Jakarta Investment Centre will take further action to follow up on this discussion and work in coordination with relevant ministries or institutions to expedite the collaboration process. 

We stand on the brink of an exciting era of urban development, where technology meets sustainability. Follow us on this journey as we work together to create a sustainable legacy for generations to come.


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