Explore Potential Investment Collaboration with MITJ

As the Investment Promotion Agency of Jakarta Provincial Government, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) carries out its mission to attract foreign direct investment to Jakarta by promoting Jakarta’s potential projects. On February 6, 2024, JIC conducted a meeting with PT. Moda Integration Transportation Jabodetabek (MITJ) to explore priority projects and potential investment collaborations which will be promoted in 2024.

MITJ, a joint venture company between PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) and PT KAI (Persero), is responsible for managing integrated railway transportation in Jabodetabek and developing Transit Oriented Development (TOD) areas in the region.

Beyond project discussions, MITJ was interested to take part in the upcoming Jakarta Investment Festival 2024 by showcasing their projects to potential investors. MITJ and JIC will strengthen the partnership to actualize Jakarta as a Global City.

Come and collaborate with Jakarta!


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