MRT, LRT and TransJakarta integrated tariff is officially launched

Governor Anies officially launched  Jakarta’s integrated tariff for MRT Jakarta, LRT and Transjakarta. Source: PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda)/Irwan Citrajaya

JAKARTA (10/10) - The implementation of Jakarta’s public transport integrated tariff for MRT Jakarta, LRT, and Transjakarta was inaugurated on Friday, October 7th 2022. 

The Jakarta Capital City Governor Anies Baswedan explained this tariff is available to be enjoyed through a smartphone application namely JakLingko and e-money cards which can be updated as a JakLingko Transportation Card. The integrated tariff is applied if a passenger orders a trip ticket with more than one transport modes which are Transjakarta, MRT Jakarta and LRT Jakarta through JakLingko.

He stated that the amount of the integrated tariff is calculated based on distance and time, with a base tariff of Rp2.500 in the first transport mode which then will be charged for another Rp250 per kilometer with a maximum tariff ceiling of Rp10.000 in a trip using the JakLingko apps. 

Jakarta’s citizens may also enjoy the ease in doing payment in various public transport modes. Jakartans has the option to use either the E-Money Card or JakLingko application to transact in all modes. 

“Therefore, there is no need to have different types of cards for each mode because one (multi) card can be used in various modes,” he stated in his official statement on Saturday, October 8th 2022. 

The implementation of this integrated tariff will further complement the government efforts in integrating public transport, both physically and through its service. This integrated tariff also complements the integrated infrastructure modes, one of its examples has been successfully implemented in the Dukuh Atas areas. 

This ease of payment is expected to encourage more people to be a public transport user in Jakarta and leave their private transportation as their daily vehicle. 

The integrated tariff has actually been effective since August 2022. People can order their trip ticket for more than one transport mode between the MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta and Transjakarta BRT through several payment modes such as QRIS, FELLO and other digital wallets. 

This inauguration marks a new innovation which means that an integrated tariff is now can be utilized by Jakartans through e-money cards issued by various banks such as BCA Flazz, BRI Brizzi BRI, BNI Tapcash, DKI JakCard and  Mandiri E-Money after being updated as JakLingko Transport Card in the balance check terminal (BCT) machine at MRT and LRT Jakarta stations as well as Transjakarta bus stops. 

Meanwhile, if a passenger only uses a single mode of transportation, the current existing tariff is applied in each transport mode operator. 

With an updated e-money card, users can connect their transport card to the JakLingko apps then activate it to receive cashback or discount price if they overpaid the integrated transport tariff rates. 


Source: Bisnis Indonesia

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