Investment Realization in Jakarta: Q1 (January - March) 2023

In the first quarter of 2023, DKI Jakarta made impressive progress in increasing investment, with total investment reaching Rp. 36,5 trillion, an increase of 7.4% compared to the previous period. This data proves that foreign and domestic investment continue to grow, with foreign investment reaching Rp. 17.5 trillion (47.9%) and domestic investment reaching Rp. 19.0 trillion (52.1%).

One of the areas that has become the center of investment growth is South Jakarta, which contributed Rp. 19.5 trillion (53.5%) of the total investment realization in DKI Jakarta in the first quarter of 2023. Foreign investment in South Jakarta grew rapidly, reaching Rp. 12.5 trillion (71.8%), while domestic investment reached Rp. 6.55 trillion (36.7%). This outstanding performance shows that the South Jakarta area has become a magnet for investors, especially in the transportation, warehouse, and telecommunication sectors.


Talking about the business sector, there are five sectors with the highest realized investment in the first quarter of 2023. The transportation, warehousing, and telecommunications sectors dominate with a total investment of Rp. 13.95 trillion (38.3%), followed by the other services with an investment of Rp. 6.6 trillion (18.1%). In addition, housing, industrial area, and office sectors, trade and repairs, and construction also contributed significantly to investment growth.

DKI Jakarta's success in increasing investment realization is the result of the local government's efforts to create a conducive investment climate. Local governments continue to focus on strategic activities and explore regional investment potential. These steps have brought higher investor confidence, especially after the recovery period after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investment is an important factor in driving regional economic growth. DKI Jakarta, as the capital and business center of Indonesia, continues to strengthen its position as an attractive investment destination. With increasing investment realization and a focus on key sectors, DKI Jakarta provides promising opportunities for investors to support sustainable economic growth.

Increased investment in DKI Jakarta also has a positive impact on local economic growth. Incoming investment will create new jobs, increase people's income, and encourage the development of related sectors. In addition, the investment will also contribute to infrastructure development, improving the quality of public services, and sustainable development in the region.

DKI Jakarta continues to strive to become a center of investment at the national and regional levels. With positive investment growth in the first quarter of 2023, it is the right time for investors to take advantage of the opportunities available in the capital city of Indonesia. 

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