Carbon Storage in Jakarta: The Economic Potential

As a province with dense urban areas and high reliance on business and service sectors, Jakarta seems to have small carbon potential compared to other provinces in Indonesia. Unlike other Indonesian provinces that have forest coverage and even various types of carbon storage, Jakarta does not have such significant areas. Nevertheless, Jakarta still has carbon potential, either on land or in the ocean, that can be explored for its ecological and economical values.

Jakarta had a total woodland area of 182.54 hectares in 2016, according to statistics from BPS-Statistics Indonesia. Furthermore, as per the data provided by the Jakarta Environmental Agency, the Governor of Jakarta officially acknowledged 149.76 hectares of urban woodlands. The area of urban forest is spread across the regions of Jakarta with dominance in East Jakarta and South Jakarta. The two regions make up almost three-quarters of the total area of urban forests in Jakarta, with an area of 73.24 ha for East Jakarta and 62.27 ha for South Jakarta. North Jakarta and West Jakarta come afterwards with an area of 28.06 ha and 17.89 ha respectively. Central Jakarta has the smallest area with 1.08 ha.