Unlocking Jakarta’s Potential: Opportunities and Challenges

JAKARTA (5/6) - As part of Jakarta’s effort in strengthening its role as the center of business and economy, Jakarta is committed to improve the ease of doing business by improving various aspects including regulations by renewing the Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) in 2022. This new spatial plan is regulated through Governor Regulation number 31/2022 with reference to the Job Creation Law that enhances the RDTR 2014 by institutionalizing equitable use of space, a transit and digital-oriented city development paradigm, as well as a productive climate for business and investment.

Last week, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) held a webinar as part of the Pre-Event of Jakarta Investment Forum (JIF) 2023 agenda. With the theme “Unlocking Jakarta’s Potential: Opportunities and Challenges”, JIC had the opportunity to collaborate with China-ASEAN Business Alliance, a business association who connects China companies with business counterparts in ASEAN, in conducted the JIC Talks and invited several distinguished panelists from Department for Spatial and Land Planning DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Investment Centre, RHT Law Asia, and UOB. Each speaker presented their insights about the ease of doing business in Jakarta. This event was attended by approximately 170 attendees coming from various backgrounds.

According to Mrs. Merry's presentation, Jakarta was targeted to become a resilient city based on transit and digital development according to the recent detailed spatial planning. She highlighted the rapid investment supported by increasing basic services through spatial planning policies such as transit based development compact and space efficient integrated public services as well as environmental based planning green and sustainable actions mitigation based planning. 

“We expect this policy can be applicable to support transit-oriented development, to empower public and social welfare, and to support ease of doing business in Jakarta,” she said.  

The presentation from Mrs. Merry was also supported by Mrs. Tona Hutauruk, the Head of Jakarta Investment Centre. She stated that Jakarta’s transition with its strengthening role as the national economy and business would create a lot of investment opportunities that possible to be explored by potential investors. This would be supported as well by the beneficial investment policy-shift that would emerge in the transition process. In Jakarta’s case, the Government is currently planning to boost several incentives on the property sector which will become our priority sector ahead. 

“Jakarta will try the best to initiate a development driven investment to be implemented onwards. We are more than happy to collaborate, help & assist you to make your business hassle free,” said Mrs. Tona

The discussion was also livened up by a Fireside Chat session inviting representatives from Singapore business entities, sharing their experience in starting a business in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. They shared that Indonesia had a huge market and offered lucrative economic growth, but it also presented its own challenges. In order to have a successful and long-lasting business in Indonesia, all the business actors needed to have an open and were ready to deal with these challenges.

“Indonesia has a great market and opportunity. The market has grown tremendously in the past years. So, don’t miss the chance to explore and go for it,” said Alan from Rentalworks.

In this opportunity, the Jakarta Provincial Government had also announced to invite all participants along with all distinguished panelists to attend JIF 2023 that would be held from July to August 2023. The forum would showcase various investment opportunities in the infrastructure and urban development sectors in Jakarta as well as provide a platform for potential investors to meet directly with Regional Owned Enterprises as the project owner. 

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