Grand Launching 3rd Indonesia Investment Day (IID)

Although busy in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government continues to do its job to invite investors to invest in Jakarta by participating in the Singapore Indonesia Investment Day (IID). This event is a collaboration between the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, the Bank Indonesia Foreign Representative Office in Singapore, and the BKPM Representative Office in Singapore (IIPC), which is held virtually through the website.

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore on July 22, 2020 held the Grand Launching 3rd Indonesia Investment Day (IID) Singapore. The event was also attended online by around 469 participants via zoom and 340 views via YouTube, which consisted of the Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, Singapore and Indonesian media, and representatives of the Indonesian government throughout the world. On this occasion the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, which was attended by the Office of Communication, Information and Statistics, the Investment Office and PTSP, the Regional Planning and Development Agency, the Economic and Financial Bureau, the Regional Cooperation Bureau, and Bank Indonesia Jakarta Provincial Representative Office, held a joint meeting and witnessed the Grand Launching as a form of the seriousness of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in finding investors.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, Anies Baswedan, gave a speech by highlighting transportation and sustainable development, calling on investors to build the city of Jakarta together with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. DKI Jakarta Provincial Government offers 9 BUMD projects including MRT and Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) which are included in national strategic projects. It is hoped that by participating in the IID in DKI Jakarta Provincial Government projects for the benefit of the community it can be realized immediately. The IID is planned to be held in August to October 2020, attended by 11 provinces and more than 80 projects that have been carefully curated and are now ready to receive investment from abroad.

The projects offered are ready to offer and clean and clear. There was an increase of about 30 percent for the participating provinces and the projects offered. Meanwhile, the investment fields offered by the 11 provinces varied from infrastructure, agribusiness and tourism. In this series of events 11 webinars will be held which will inform in detail about the projects offered by each province. A one-on-one meeting platform will be provided which aims to facilitate the interaction of foreign investors with project owners and local governments, and to realize their investments in Indonesia. Based on BKPM data the contribution from Indonesia Investment Day can be seen from the realization of the first and second quarters of 2020, Singapore's investment value in the first quarter rose 58% from the same period in 2019, with a value of USD $ 2.72 billion, and in the second quarter up 14% from the same period a year earlier, valued at USD $ 1.95 billion.


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