Investment Realization in Jakarta: Q-2 (April - June) 2023

DKI Jakarta has made impressive progress in terms of investment compared to other busy cities in 2023. A tremendous IDR 43.0 trillion of funds was realized in the second quarter, along with an impressive IDR 21.6 trillion of domestic investment and USD 1.5 billion in foreign capital. On the larger scale, the overall investment accumulation for January to June 2023 is IDR 79.5 trillion, consisting of IDR 40.6 trillion DDI investments supported by 8,357 enterprises and total FDI reached USD 2.6 billion (IDR 38.9 trillion).

In Quarter II-2023, DKI Jakarta is ranked second nationwide for investments, reinforcing its influence with a formidable 12.3% contribution (IDR 43.0 trillion) to the nation's investment spectacle. As the national achievement is scaled up even further, DDI investment excelled for Jakarta in Quarter II-2023, taking the top spot with a magnificent 13.2% share (IDR 21.6 trillion) of the total DDI investments accomplished nationwide. Incredible representation of Jakarta's economic positive trend which consists of 6,354 businesses established and the variety of 27,166 projects. To avoid being overshadowed, FDI strides steadily forward, taking third position with an impressive 11.5% share (USD 1.5 billion or IDR 21.4 trillion), with 3,148 firms and 8,217 projects nationwide. 

Drawing a parallel between the year of 2022 and 2023, highlighting the Quarter II-2023's investment realization of IDR 43.0 trillion, making a rise of 7.2% (IDR 2.9 trillion) from the counterpart of the previous year, Quarter II-2022 (IDR 40.1 trillion). Compared to the previous year, FDI investment reached a remarkable 69.1% growth (IDR 8.75 trillion). Meanwhile, DDI investment paints a contrasting yet resilient picture, navigating a -21.4% (IDR 5.87 trillion) decline in Quarter II-2023 compared to its 2022 counterpart.

As Jakarta's investment narrative evolves, these numbers stand as tributes to Jakarta resilience, ambition, and potential. With a strategic outlook, a reservoir of talent, and a commitment to excellence, Jakarta is more than just numbers – it's a narrative of promise and potential that invites investors to be a part of its extraordinary journey.

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