Introductory Meeting with IIPC Beijing

On February 23, 2024, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) engaged in a landmark meeting with Mrs. Evita Sanda, Director of Investment Promotion from IIPC Beijing. This meeting was focused on enhancing business and investment collaborations between Jakarta and Chinese enterprises, highlighting Jakarta’s investment potential projects and the upcoming Jakarta Investment Festival (JIF) 2024. 


As the second largest FDI contributor to Jakarta, China contributed up to USD 281,9 million in 2023, making it a strategic partner in Jakarta’s development. Transportation, warehouse and telecommunication are topping the list of the highest investment sectors through the Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) investment project followed by the construction, trade and reparation sectors. 


IIPC Beijing stated their interest in further bridging Jakarta’s strategic investment projects to Chinese business networks through their programs. JIC is ready to welcome and facilitate potential investors from China in setting their ground in Jakarta.


This meeting sets the foundation to strengthen China-Jakarta ongoing cooperation and mutual growth. We are looking forward to future collaboration and bringing a positive impact in Jakarta’s urban development!


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