Jakarta continues to grow exceedingly in the future

27/10/2022 – On 26 October 2022, just as per yesterday, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) conducted a presentation as a guest speaker with other respective guests coming from Singapore Association Indonesia, Spire Research and Consulting, BIPO Indonesia, and in event collaboration with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF).

The event was conducted in webinar format in order to gather a broader audience and potential investors from overseas. Indonesia’s economy has registered positive growth rates in every quarter of the last two decades. International companies have expressed interest in growing their business in Indonesia to take advantage of its increasing economic prosperity and enormous market size.

The event was held in 2 different series, first was conducted on September 21st 2022 with the topic “Explore Indonesia Potential Business Growth '' and the second series that was held just yesterday with the topic of “Embark and Sustain Your Business Journey in Indonesia”.

Indonesia has been well-known for its big opportunities that rely on its recent economic stability. According to the Ministry of Investment/BKPM, Indonesia investment realisation increased by 7% from the previous quarter which in the last Q2 2022, our investment reached IDR 302.2 trillion. 

The national growth in this year was amplified by Jakarta's recent development. As the biggest contributor to national economic growth (16.48%), Jakarta successfully recorded a positive investment growth which reached 14.1% in Q2 2022, that indicates a growth 58.6% compared to the same period in previous year. 

From this session, all the speakers were presented with insights to alternative perspectives for Singapore businesses to export their service solutions or products to Indonesia through tactical strategies. The discussion was completed with the sharing session on the common challenges faced by businesses when starting their journey in Indonesia, such as the employment regulations, ease of doing business, and etc.

To continue this excellent growth, Jakarta has been undertaking several strategic developments that will be focusing on infrastructure, transportation, and public facility improvement. Aligning with our strong ambition and commitment in transforming Jakarta to become a transit-oriented development (TOD) city, we successfully increased the number of public transportation passengers which take 82% of citizens within walking distance to public transportation.

For the past years, Jakarta has been doing a massive investment on basic service and low carbon development. The Jakarta City Government was able to build 33 towers of affordable housing within 5 years, regenerated almost 220 neighbourhoods, and developed 14 locations of affordable housing. Hence, Jakarta is optimistic and confident to move forward in the future. 

“Our city is and will remain as the biggest megapolitan city in Indonesia that will offer more beneficial opportunities along with a commitment towards a more resilient Jakarta” Tona Hutauruk, Head of JIC.


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