JIC promotes Jakarta’s investment potential in the TOD Forum Tokyo and Smart Change Conference 2022

TOD Forum in Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. Souce: MRT Jakarta

JAKARTA (1/12) - Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) participated in several international business forums namely Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Forum Tokyo held by PT MRT Jakarta in Tokyo, Japan, November 29th 2022 and Smart Change Conference 2022 held by Jakarta Smart City via online on November 30th 2022. 

The Head of JIC, Tona Hutauruk, shared Jakarta’s vision and progress towards urban regeneration. She also pointed out Jakarta’s commitment in supporting investment especially in regards to sustainable urban development. 

This includes investment regarding the city’s next development priorities which are infrastructure and property development; transportation development; digital hub of innovation and mobilization; eco-tourism development; adaptation and mitigation of natural disaster; and global financial and economic hub. 

Jakarta invites potential investors to collaborate in the city’s development projects  including development in the sector of TOD, public transport, tourism, renewable energy, as well as waste and wastewater management. 

JIC is ready to assist both local and global investors to explore these opportunities. Come and collaborate with Jakarta!



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