A Sums Up about Governor Anies Baswedan Working Visit Agenda to Europe with JIC

Bilateral Meeting with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BloombergNEF and Governor of Jakarta, May 2022

As a follow up from the meeting between Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, with the Department of International Trade and Secretary of State Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyen on February 2022, the Governor of Jakarta had pay back the working visit to United Kingdom in aims to brought the progress of the various cooperation ongoing between the UK and Jakarta as well as to promote investments opportunities. 

Jakarta has an ambitious target in improving its infrastructure especially on public transport, waste and water management, as well as urban resilience. The working visit has identified more potential business and investment opportunities to scope for sustainable finances and investment to support the infrastructure ambitions. 

The economic growth has rebounded to 3,96% in 2021 after contracting by -8,22% in the previous year. As the capital and largest city of Indonesia with a population over 10 million, Jakarta also has continuously become the centre of Indonesia’s economy, culture and politics. With the rapid economic and population growth, Jakarta has been continuing on developing its transport infrastructure, waste management, urban resilience, education and human capacity building, as well as expanding its air and seaport capacity.


Indonesia-UK EV Forum @KBRI London, May 2022

Indonesia-UK EV Forum @KBRI London, May 2022

Alongside with the transportation and infrastructure development, there are several commercial business opportunities that include the provision of vocational training, supporting the electrification of Jakarta’s public transport, development of its MRT and LRT, integrated transport planning, and in waste management. As the President of the Republic of Indonesia has announced moving its capital city to Nusantara within the next decade, Jakarta will remain as the busiest business and trade centre in Indonesia.

Therefore, the Jakarta City Government will strive to keep its positive economic growth at a stable rate. The working visit to Europe has become one of many strategic plans conducted by the Jakarta Government to start building a more aggressive business approach to foreign business counterparts around the world. 

In addition, Jakarta is the most determined city to achieve its climate targets. The Jakarta government announced their commitment to reduce GHG emissions to 30% below the baseline level by 2030 through a regional mitigation action plan (RAD-GRK) in 2012. At the end of 2021, they issued a regional low carbon development plan that outlined their plans to achieve their net zero target by 2050. Aside from that, back in 2020, Jakarta along with Bloomberg Philanthropies and other vital strategies announced the Jakarta Clean Air Partnership, an initiative focused on improving air quality data, policy solutions and public awareness on the health impacts of air pollution.

MoU with Oxford University for TransJakarta HR capacity development, May 2022

MoU with Oxford University for TransJakarta HR capacity development, May 2022

Aside from Jakarta’s delegation to explore the business and investment opportunities in London, all the delegation also visited several strategic partners in Paris and Berlin. Such as meeting with Mayor of Berlin, Ms. Franziska Giffey, Federal Foreign Office Germany, European Investment Bank, Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD), and other well-known institutions. Within the working visit agenda to Europe, Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) has successfully arranged the roundtable discussion, forum, as well as the MoU Signing session between the Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) with its strategic partner in Europe, such as Indonesia-UK EV Forum, MoU signing with BloombergNEF, MoU with UK consortium along with Crossrail International for MRT East West Project, as well as the MoU signing with Alstom Bombardier and Thales in Paris.


MoU Signing between PT Transportasi Jakarta and BloombergNEF, May 2022

MoU Signing between PT Transportasi Jakarta and BloombergNEF, May 2022

This visit has created more business collaboration between UK and Jakarta Government that will increase assurance of UK commitment to support Jakarta trade and investment agenda onwards. As the regional market becomes competitive, Europe is well placed to support the city’s ambitions, especially for trade and investment, the creative industries, and infrastructure development. These are areas where Europe has competitive advantage and where we should focus our attention.


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