Jakarta welcomes Tona Hutauruk as the New Head of JIC

JAKARTA (13/6) - Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) welcomes a new head, Tona Hutauruk after two years of leadership vacancy. Tona was officially inaugurated on 9 June 2022 followed by a handover from the prior Caretaker Head of JIC Budya Pryanto Putra on 13 June 2022.

 “I really appreciate this opportunity to lead Jakarta Investment Centre (JIC) onwards. I am very excited to embark on this journey and to bring more investments in accelerating Jakarta as a sustainable, resilient, and prominent global city,” Tona said.

 “As the center of national economic and business, Jakarta holds a massive potential to be a catalyst of national and even regional economic growth, especially in the post Covid-19 pandemic recovery,” she added.

 Born in Jakarta, 29 December 1979, Tona holds a bachelor degree in Urban Planning Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 2003 and obtained a Master of Science Transportation Planning from Leeds University, United Kingdom. Tona has a range of experiences in Jakarta’s economic and planning sector consecutively serving as the Subdivision Head of Regional Development Planning Agencies (Bappeda) (2020); Subdivision Head of Spatial Planning and Forestry (2018); and Subdivision Head of East Jakarta City Development Planning Board (Subanpekko) of Economic and Development (2017).

 She is also exposed to an extent of international networks spanning from Joint Project Meeting Ambitious City Promise in Hanoi, Vietnam (2019); Connecting Delta Cities Networks Workshop in Venice, Italy (2018); and Seminar on Future City Initiatives in Yokohama, Japan (2013).


 The former Caretaker Head of JIC Budya Pryanto Putra welcomes Tona Hutauruk as the new Head of JIC.  He hopes that JIC will continue to give the best services to potential investors in developing Jakarta as a city of collaboration.

 “I deeply welcome Bu Tona as the new Head of JIC. I believe that the tons of experiences and background that she has will bring a better and positive contribution to Jakarta’s investment climate,” he said.

 Budya also poses his recognition to all of the JIC team that has been supporting him under his leadership. “Having the honor to lead JIC was such a valuable and unforgettable experience with challenging work dynamics, range of initiatives to be realized, and to manage multi-stakeholders. Thankfully, everything can be done smoothly,” he added.

 “This definitely could not happen without the optimum support of the whole JIC team. Therefore, let me convey my deepest appreciation to each and every one of the JIC team who has given me the best work and support during my service,” Budya said.


Welcome on board, Tona Hutauruk! We wish you a successful path ahead!


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